International speakers

Prof Michael Boyer
(Medical Oncologist)

University of Sydney- Australia

Management of thoracic malignancies and head and neck cancers

Prof Peter Hoskin
(Clinical Oncologist)

Mount Vernon Hospital Cancer Centre, Middlesex - England

Urological and gynaecological malignancies; lymphoma; CNS tumours & brachytherapy

Prof Norm Laperriere
(Radiation Oncologist)

Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto - Canada

Primary & secondary tumours of the CNS and paediatric tumours

Prof Jens Overgaard
(Clinical Oncologist)

Aarhus University Hospital - Denmark

Clinical and translational research in head and neck and breast cancers; radiobiology with an emphasis of treatment time/waiting times

Prof Marianne van de Wetering
(Paediatric Oncologist)

Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology, Utrecht - The Netherlands

Paediatric oncology & supportive care

Dr Daniel Vorobiof
(Medical Oncologist) - Israel

Breast cancer & melanoma